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7 Key Traits to Ensure the Best Real Estate Agent Experience

By April 23, 2019August 11th, 2022No Comments

The question of whom to choose when buying or selling a home is on a lot of people’s minds – as I’m sure you know.  Because all real estate agents are often seen as being “one and the same,” its no surprise that consumers are swayed by marketing and wallet friendly options.  The truth is, understanding the real estate process is much more involved.

In her book Recognize the Difference, author Wendy Griffis educates you on the ways in which some real estate agents are different, and how to tell the good ones from the mediocre ones.  There are 7 Key Traits to ensure the best real estate agent experience.



Buying and selling real estate has an emotional component that technology cannot change or simplify.  If you work with less skilled agents or discounted services, its likely  that if/when things go wrong, the situation may become unresolvable due to lack of emotional intelligence the lesser-qualified resources may possess.  Working with an agent who has strong emotional intelligence will give you the confidence that any bumps or challenges encountered along the way will be navigated with more ease.


The word “sales” is often associated with real estate agents, but it has been misunderstood and misapplied to the industry as a whole, based on misinterpretations about what real estate agents actually do.  A professional real estate agent is not a sales person who does presentations and uses tactics to persuade; instead, they consult with clients by listening to their unique situations and laying out customized solutions and options.  A skilled and professional agent will not focus on the commission; instead, they’ll focus on building a relationship with you. 


Make sure you are choosing an agent who has a marketing plan, which includes professional photos.  The condition of the property is also an important part of the home selling process, as it will effect both online and in-person perceptions of the value of the home.  Pricing a home correctly means considering many facets of data, as well as market conditions.  Not just price per SF, or the average of three recent sales.  A skilled agent will be able to help a seller understand price positioning. 


Negotiation is less about getting everything one side wants and more about finding common ground that is mutually satisfying.  Hiring a skilled negotiator is one of the key factors in a successful sale.  Ultimately, the final result – selling or buying the home – is bigger than the minutiae details that sometimes overpower our thoughts in the moment, blurring the big picture.  Understanding communication styles, power and tactics used in negotiation can often lead to a successful result. 


Technology venture capitalists may try to find ways to streamline the transaction process, but there are many potential pitfalls that technology systems can’t anticipate – having a professional agent who can guide and advise you is more important than ever.  A professional agent will be mindful of contractual timeframes and contingencies to protect their client from risks, like losing money or having a contract fall through.  Knowing what to expect during the process and receiving guidance each step of the way improves the overall client experience and leads to successful outcomes. 


An agent can have extensive real estate skills, but the consumer’s experience is enhanced when they are consumer centric and actually care about clients.  Relationships with clients should go beyond just being friendly – agents should take a personal interest in the customers life and know that he transaction is not the end of the relationship.  Agents who take time to personally improve through trainings, masterminds, and collaborative experiences provide clients with a greater breadth of experience than if they were to act based on just their viewpoint and personal experiences alone.


Buying or selling a home is no fairy tale, but knowing you have someone who wants to create a lifetime relationship with you will help you confirm you are not a one-and-done transaction.  There are many ways a real estate agent can provide resources after a sale has occurred.  When considering working with an agent, find out if they have an after-sale customer service program, and if so, you can rest assured you’ve probably got a professional working for you.