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New YEAR, new YOU?

By December 30, 2022No Comments
What is it about the new year that leads us to make (and break) resolutions? There’s something about the changing of the calendar that gives us hope to make positive changes in our life.
But inevitably, that which starts as a good plan, gets derailed, and I noticed that I would eventually drift somewhere else.
So one thing that I have practiced since 2014, is choosing a word of the year to guide my vision.  This way, when I drift, that word is a friendly reminder, of what my New Year’s intention was.
Then, what’s cool about this practice, is once you’ve chosen a word, and you have incorporated it into your mindset, it cannot be lost. (For me, I usually put it on a wooden board in my office, and a sticky note where I can see it every day). So instead of loosing the way I want to show up and experience life, this new word is compounded upon and becomes a part of who you are.
So yes, even though there is a new year, and an intention for a new me, it’s not complicated. It’s one word, and then another word, and then another word, compounded overtime that has created the “new” me.
If you take this practice to heart, I’d love to hear how it has impacted you.  If you haven’t yet tried this, let’s see how you can give it a shot next year! You’ll be glad you did.  And yes, I would love to know your word!
Yours in Success,

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